Fashion Marketing & Communication is essential to sell not only the product, but also the lifestyle of the brand.
Creating an emotional connection with the target customer is key to building relationships with the consumer & therefore may produce brand loyalty.

At LISOF, we offer the tools to design fashion marketing strategies for brand management & marketing communications.
With social media platforms, such as; Instagram, many fashion brands market their products via visual imagery to capture the attention of their followers amongst hundreds of many fashion brands.

Here is your chance to win a bursary to study BA Fashion in the Media pathway.

You are tasked to be your own marketing manager for your fashion brand. You must create a social media post to sell: the classic LBD – little black dress.
Coco Chanel and the movie “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” made the little black dress a wardrobe staple.
Most ladies have seen the LBD before, but how can you add your original unique touch to marketing this item of clothing?

Stipulate for which social media platform the post is designed for and why?
You may draw, create a collage or digitally design your post.
If you have used images from the internet, please credit the source.

DEADLINE – 26 MAY 2017

Here is the first marketing of Chanel’s Little Black Dress in 1926, Vogue magazine:



Here are a few examples of Social Media posts related to marketing clothing:

Collages can be done cutting up magazines or created on-line using: Polyvore


Get a friend into their LBD and add information in the forms of labels to market your dress


Source or photograph an image that represents your fashion brand and add captive text to it. Using colour can capture the attention of your target market:


Create a flat-lay (example below) which is often used on the Instagram platform:


Or show us, in your unique way, how the classic little black dress can be styled for different occasions…

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