BRIEF 1 – Diploma in Fashion: Design or Degree in Fashion: Design

DEADLINE – 04 MAY 2017


STEP #1: Find your inspiration from viewing the attached pictures and through envisioning the following words used to describe this fashion style:
Deconstruction, fraying, ripping, raw edges, mottled, distressed, destruct luxe, exaggerated overall surface texture, industrial features, hard drive, punk piercing, rebellious touch.



STEP #2:  Sketch and design a Steam Punk: Mad Max Deconstruction outfit that reflects your interpretation of this style as showcased in Step #1 (Design Specifications are noted below).

Design Specifications:

  1. Purchase 1 xA3 white paper and divide the papers into thirds using a pencil line and ruler (that you need to erase before submission).
  2. In the first 3rd of column of your A3 paper you are going to create a front design for your outfit, in full-colour using the template as found in Appendix A.
  3. The second column will be used to detail all the important elements of your design. You are required to write informative notes in which you describe the details of your openings, closings, trims and finishes (buttons, zips, collars, cuffs and decorative elements).
  4. The third column needs to include samples of the fabrics that you intend to use for your design. You are required to paste each fabric sample (known as a fabric swatch) in a clearly marked and labelled square (5cm x 5cm) and link it to the design and your intended colour palette.
  5. Lastly you need to present your design through blocking the A3 page on an A3 black cardboard while ensuring that your final submission has a professional appearance and that the following is clearly visible on your design:
    • Outfit detail
    • Proportion
    • Volume
    • Comprehensive notes on your Openings & closings as well as Trimmings and finishes
    • Fabric swatches and colour palette
Appendix A


STEP #3:  Applications Closed.